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FireEye Malware Analysis - AX Series
Forensic Analysis Platforms that Provide a Full 360-degree View of a Cyber Attack

FireEye AX Series

FireEye Products
FireEye AX Series
FireEye AX 5550 Appliance
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FireEye AX 8400 Appliance
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Safely execute and analyze malware in a secure environment

Malware analysis is an important part of preventing and detecting future cyber attacks. Using malware analysis tools, cyber security experts can analyze the attack lifecycle and glean important forensic details to enhance their threat intelligence.

Malware Analysis (AX series) products provide a secure environment to test, replay, characterize, and document advanced malicious activities. Malware Analysis shows the cyber attack lifecycle, from the initial exploit and malware execution path to callback destinations and follow-on binary download attempts.

The FireEye AX series is a group of forensic analysis platforms that give security analysts hands-on control over powerful auto-configured test environments to safely execute and inspect advanced malware, zero-day and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks embedded in Web pages, email attachments and files.

As cybercriminals tailor attacks to penetrate a specific business, user account or system, analysts need easy-to-use forensic tools that help them rapidly address targeted malicious activities.


  • Performs deep forensic analysis through the full attack life cycle, using the FireEye MVX engine
  • Streamlines and batches analysis of suspicious Web code, executables and files
  • Reports in-depth on system-level OS and application changes to file systems, memory and registries
  • Offers live-mode or sandbox analysis to confirm zero-day exploits
  • Dynamically generates threat intelligence for immediate local protection via integration with the FireEye CM platform
  • Captures packets to allow analysis of malicious URL session and code execution
  • Includes the FireEye AV-Suite to streamline incident response prioritization
  • Includes support for Windows and Mac OS X environments


Gain insight into cyber attacks to lower business risk

  • Inform future prevention strategies by providing deeper insight into attacker tools and tactics
  • Stop the spread of attacks using auto-generated local attack profiles, instantly shared across the FireEye ecosystem

Automated analysis to improve efficiency

  • Load suspicious files or file sets through a simple interface
  • Identify signature-less (never-seen-before) malware
  • Integrate with antivirus products for deeper inspection of known malware

Single-test environment for Windows and MacOS

  • Host both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X virtual machines in a customized hardened hypervisor
  • Eliminate the cost and overhead of creating and maintaining multiple test configurations
  • Automate setup, baselining and restoration of virtual machines to match actual OS usage


Assess OS, browser, and application attacks

The FireEye AX series utilizes the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine to provide in-house analysts with a full 360-degree view of an attack, from the initial exploit to callback destinations and follow on binary download attempts.

Through a pre-configured, instrumented Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X virtual analysis environment, the FireEye MVX engine fully executes suspicious code to allow deep inspection of common Web objects, email attachments and files. The FireEye AX platform uses the FireEye MVX engine to inspect single files or batches of files for malware and tracks outbound connection attempts across multiple protocols.

Spend time analyzing, not administering

The FireEye AX series frees administrators from time-consuming setup, baselining and restoration of the virtual machine environments used in manual malware analysis. With built-in customization and granular control over payload detonations, the FireEye AX series enables forensic analysts to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the attack that is suited to the needs of the enterprise.

Choose live analysis or sandbox modes

The FireEye AX series has the ability to provide users two analysis modes— live and sandbox. Malware analysts use the live, on-network mode for full malware life cycle analysis, allowing external connectivity. This gives the FireEye AX series the ability to track advanced attacks across multiple stages and different vectors. In sandbox mode, the execution path of particular malware samples is fully contained and visible in the virtual environment.

In both modes, users are able to generate a dynamic and anonymized profile of the attack that can be shared through the FireEye CM platform to other FireEye products. The malware attack profiles generated by the FireEye AX platforms include identifiers of malware code, exploit URLs and other sources of infections and attacks. Also, malware communication protocol characteristics are shared to provide dynamic blocking of data exfiltration attempts across the organization’s entire FireEye deployment via the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) enterprise.

YARA-based rules enables customization

The FireEye AX series supports custom YARA rules importation to specify byte-level rules and quickly analyze suspicious objects for threats specific to the organization.

Global malware protection network

The FireEye AX series is designed for easy integration with the entire FireEye threat prevention portfolio. The FireEye AX series can automatically share malware forensics data with other FireEye platforms via the FireEye CM, block outbound data exfiltration attempts and stop inbound known attacks. The FireEye AX series threat data can also be shared via the FireEye DTI cloud to protect against new emerging attacks.

With pre-configured FireEye MVX engines eliminating the need for tuning heuristics, the FireEye AX series saves administrators setup time and configuration issues. In addition, the FireEye AX series helps threat researchers analyze advanced targeted attacks without adding network and security management overhead.

Technical Specifications:

  AX 5550 AX 8400
Performance Up to 8,200 Analyses Per Day Up to 16,000 Analyses Per Day
OS Support Microsoft Windows / Apple Mac OSX Microsoft Windows
Network Interface Ports 2x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ports 2x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ports
IPMI Port (rear panel) Included Included
Front Panel LCD and Keypad Included Included
PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse, DB15 VGA ports (rear panel) Included Included
USB Ports (rear panel) 4x Type A USB Ports 2x Type A USB Ports
Serial Port (rear panel) 115,200 bps, No Parity, 8 Bits, 1 Stop Bit 115,200 bps, No Parity, 8 Bits, 1 Stop Bit
Drive Capacity 4x 900 GB HDD, RAID 10, 2.5 inch, FRU 2x 600 GB HDD, RAID 1, 2.5 inch, FRU
Enclosure 1RU, Fits 19 inch Rack 2RU, Fits 19 inch Rack
Chassis Dimensions (WxDxH) 17.2" x 27.8" x 1.7" (437 x 706 x 43.2 mm) 17.2" x 28.0" x 3.41" (437 x 711 x 86.6 mm)
DC Power Supply Not Available Not Available
AC Power Supply Redundant (1+1) 750 watt, 100 - 240 VAC, 9 – 4.5A, 50-60 Hz, IEC60320-C14 inlet, FRU Redundant (1+1) 750 watt, 100 - 240 VAC, 9 – 4.5A, 50-60 Hz, IEC60320-C14 inlet, FRU
Power Consumption Maximum (watts) 292 watts 506 watts
Thermal Dissipation Maximum (BTU/h) 996 BTU/h 1726 BTU/h
MTBF (h) 40,700 h 68,900 h
Appliance Alone / As Shipped Weight lb. (kg) 33 lb. (15 kg) / 48 lb. (22 kg) 42 lb. (19 kg) / 57 lb. (26 kg)
Safety Certifications IEC 60950, EN 60950, CSA 60950-00, CE Marking IEC 60950, EN 60950, CSA 60950-00, CE Marking
EMC/EMI Certifications FCC (Part 15 Class-A), CE (Class-A), CNS, AS/NZS, VCCI(Class A) FCC (Part 15 Class-A), CE (Class-A), CNS, AS/NZS, VCCI(Class A)
Regulatory Compliance RoHS, REACH, WEEE RoHS, REACH, WEEE
Operating Temperature 10° C to 35° C 10° C to 35° C
Operating Relative Humidity 10% to 85% (non-condensing) 10% to 85% (non-condensing)
Operating Altitude 5,000 ft. 5,000 ft.
Note: Performance numbers are based on default analysis times when using the FireEye AX platform, but will vary depending on the system configuration and traffic profiles being processed.


Download the FireEye AX Series Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

FireEye Products
FireEye AX Series
FireEye AX 5550 Appliance
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FireEye AX 8400 Appliance
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