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FireEye File Content Security - FX Series
Detect and Eliminate Malware Resident on File Shares and Content Stores



Detect and block malicious content that threatens file content security

File content security, which would cover online file shares, portable file storage and services such as SharePoint, is a significant concern for your networks. Advanced cyber attackers can breach file content security and then launch advanced attacks capable of compromising key systems in an organization.

FireEye File Content Security (FX Series) products help prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks by scanning file content for signs of malicious threats. These threats might be brought into an organization from outside sources, such as online file sharing services and portable file storage devices.

FireEye FX threat prevention platform protects data assets against attacks originating in a wide range of file types. Web mail, online file transfer tools, the cloud, and portable file storage devices can introduce malware that can then spread to file shares and content repositories. FireEye FX analyzes network file shares and enterprise content management stores to detect and quarantine malware that bypass nextgeneration firewalls, IPS, AV and gateways.


  • Finds latent malware undetected by traditional AV engines
  • Deploys in active quarantine (protection mode) or analysis only (monitor mode)
  • Provides recursive, scheduled and on-demand scans of CIFS and NFS compatible file shares
  • Provides proactive Sharepoint protection by leveraging WebDAV protocol
  • Includes analysis of a wide range of file types such as PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and multimedia files
  • Integrates with the FireEye AV-Suite to streamline incident response prioritization and naming conventions
  • Shares threat data with the FireEye platforms through the FireEye CM and the FireEye DTI cloud


Prevent file share-based cyber attacks

Prevent file share-based cyber attacks

  • Block malware discovered in network file storage and content sharing systems
  • Identify known and unknown latent malware that bypasses conventional antivirus products

Detect advanced malware

Detect advanced malware

  • Scan CIFS and NFS-compatible file shares, on-demand or on a schedule, without affecting server performance
  • Leverage WebDAV protocol to proactively scan SharePoint document management systems

Respond to incidents faster

Respond to incidents faster

  • Scan selected or all files, hard drives and trusted and untrusted file domains
  • Analyze a broad set of file types, such as PDF, MS-Office, vCards, ZIP/RAR/TNEF, Quicktime, MP3, Real Player, JPG, PNG


The problem of malware resident on file shares

Today’s advanced cyber attacks use sophisticated malware and advanced persistent threat (APT) tactics to penetrate defenses and spread laterally through file shares and content repositories. This enables the malware to establish a longterm foothold in the network and infect multiple systems, even those offline. Many corporate data centers remain especially vulnerable to advanced, content-based malware because traditional defenses are ineffective against these attacks, which often enter the network through legitimate means. Cyber criminals leverage this vulnerability to spread malware into network file shares and embed malicious code in vast data stores, resulting in a persistent threat even after remediation.

Content protection critical to halt advanced attack life cycle

Without a way to detect resting malware in content, APTs can exploit network assets to extract proprietary information and cause significant damage. The FireEye FX series analyzes file shares and enterprise content repositories using the patented FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine that detects zero-day malicious code embedded in common file types (PDF, MS Office, vCards, ZIP/RAR/TNEF, etc.) and multimedia content (QuickTime, MP3, Real Player, JPG, PNG, etc.). The FireEye FX series performs recursive, scheduled and on-demand scanning of accessible network file shares and content stores to identify and quarantine resident malware. This halts a key stage of the advanced attack life cycle.

The FireEye MVX engine reveals unknown, zero-day threats

FireEye FX uses the purpose-built FireEye MVX engine, which inspects each file and confirms if zero-day exploits or malicious code exist. The FireEye MVX engine detects zero-day, multi-flow and other evasive attacks with dynamic, signature-less analysis in a safe, virtual environment. It stops infection and compromise phases of the cyber-attack kill chain by identifying neverbefore seen exploits and malware.

Leveraging the Power of FireEye MVX Smart Grid

MVX Smart Grid takes the world’s leading network security and makes it even better with a flexible and scalable deployment architecture via hybrid or private cloud. MVX Smart Grid uses an innovative approach to more effectively secure campuses, branch offices, and remote users through the separation of FireEye’s pioneering MVX engine and the development of hardware and virtual Smart Nodes. Smart Nodes analyze Internet traffic to detect and block threats using a variety of techniques such as static analysis, analytics, IPS, applied intelligence, and more, while the MVX engine performs core dynamic analysis.

Leveraging the Power of FireEye MVX Smart Grid

Proactive SharePoint Content Scanning and Quarantine

FireEye FX continuously scans content to alert and permanently quarantine malware discovered in Sharepoint repositories. The platform leverages WebDAV protocol to securely integrate with Sharepoint services to protect enterprise business workflows utilizing Sharepoint repositories.

YARA-based rules enables customization

FireEye FX supports custom YARA rules to analyze large quantities of file threats specific to the organization.

Streamlined incident prioritization

With the FireEye AV-Suite, each malicious object can be further analyzed to determine if anti-virus vendors were able to detect the malware stopped by FireEye FX. This enables organizations to efficiently prioritize incident response follow-ups and utilize common naming conventions for known malware.

Malware intelligence sharing

The resulting dynamically generated, real-time threat intelligence can help all FireEye products protect the local network through integration with the FireEye CM platform. This intelligence can be shared globally through the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud to notify all subscribers of emerging threats.

No rules tuning and near-zero false positives

FireEye FX is a group of easy-to-manage, client-less platforms that require absolutely no tuning. Flexible deployment modes include analysis-only monitoring and active quarantining. This enables companies to learn how much malware is resident on file shares and to actively stop the lateral spread of malware.

Content Smart Nodes Provide Protection Where You Need It

With FireEye Content Smart Nodes, content and security managers gain a flexible, virtual solution to protect missioncritical content throughout the enterprise. And, when coupled with a FireEye MVX Smart Grid platform, content protection scales and deploys seamlessly to where you need it.

Technical Specifications:

  FX 2500V
OS Support Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Performance 70, 000 files/day
Network Interface Ports Ether 1, Ether 2
CPU Cores 2
Memory 8 GB
Drive Capacity 512 GB
Hypervisor Support VMWare ESXi 6.0 or later


Download the FireEye File Content Security - FX Series Datasheet (PDF).