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Improve Correlation Between Known and Unknown Threats to Increase Threat Protection and Reduce Costs

Organizations spend millions of dollars on security technologies, such as IPS and next-generation IPS, in order to prevent threats and keep attackers from stealing valuable assets. The cost to analyze the high volume of alerts that result from such technologies can cost even more. Despite heavy investments in security technology and staff, organizations are still compromised which can lead to the loss of intellectual property, customer records, and brand equity.

The FireEye MVX-IPS takes a new approach to IPS by extending the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) technology to a new layer in the security stack, eliminating problems created by traditional IPS solutions. The unique architecture of the FireEye MVX-IPS validates attacks for which there is a signature using the MVX technology, thereby reducing alerts and allowing security teams to focus on genuine threats.

Offered as an add-on license for the NX series, it consolidates threat prevention for known and unknown threats. Using the FireEye MVX-IPS with the MVX technology enables organizations to detect unknown zero-day, targeted threats and known threats across multiple protocols. The signature-less MVX technology also helps ensure that delays in signature availability for targeted threats does not result in an exposure window.

Additionally, MVX-IPS provides rich and actionable threat intelligence across known and unknown threats to help accelerate incident response. The unique approach of MVX-IPS increases the overall efficacy of threat protection and optimizes the time and resource investments needed to identify, validate, and resolve threats.

The FireEye MVX-IPS:

Download the FireEye MVX-IPS Datasheet (PDF).