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FireEye Financial Services
Your top cyber security challenge is your obligation to protect your clients’ assets

The financial services industry remains among the most targeted industrial sectors. From banks to brokerages, threat actors target financial institutions to steal your employee, customer and business data. They threaten both your credibility and integrity as they capitalize on insider trading through data theft or monetize stolen payment card information.

State based attackers and criminal elements use a variety advanced email and network attack methods to compromise organizations. As financial institutions engage in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, adopt new technologies like mobile payment systems, and expand operations, they significantly increase their risk footprint. At the same time, financial organizations need simple solutions to manage and orchestrate their growing security portfolios. The old adage, "Time is money," has never been more true. Every second counts.

Financial institutions around the world have adopted the FireEye Adaptive Defense approach as the fastest way to protect their assets. Our consultants help organizations minimize risks and develop tailored security programs. FireEye technology enables firms of all sizes to detect and defend against exploits and advanced attacks that bypass their traditional security measures. Now you can take advantage of this technology without disrupting day-to-day business.